Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:In his closing remarks of 1 Corinthians Paul tells of an open door. It is a door of opportunity, a door of obligation, and a door of opposition. This door is the gateway to his third missionary journey. God's people today and His churches can renew our missional hearts with a fresh look at those doors!

What Do You Want?

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The Lord empowers and blesses followers who, first and foremost, seek Him with the whole-heart and position themselves to faithfully serve Him and His purpose. God gave King Solomon an amazing opportunity when He asked what Solomon wanted. God granted Solomon's request as he asked for a discerning heart... wisdom. What would you request from God? Because his request was sincere and not selfish God also granted Solomon riches, wealth, and honor as never seen before or since.

Facing the Storm

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Matthew 8 is a chapter of action. Jesus healed a leper, a Centurion's servant, Peter's Mother-in-Law, and many others, and taught what it meant to be a disciple. Then He sought rest in the hold of a boat. Storms come at the most inconvenient times! The disciples who were with Him struggled with fear as the Sea was troubled. Jesus uttered those famous words, "Peace be still." They discovered He is a very present help in time of trouble.

Names Matter!

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:This passages shows the great importance of names as God reveals Himself to Abram in a new and powerful way, El Shaddai, God Almighty. This fresh encounter will change Abram's walk with God forever. We also see God change the names of Abram and Sarai in this remarkable passage as He does the impossible in their lives!

Regrets, Remorse, and True Repentance

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Sin is an affront to God. Repentance is the step outlined by God to make us right with Him. Repentance is more than regret, remorse, and a fear of the consequences of sin. Repentance is to stop, wipe our hands of sin, and to turn and go the opposite direction. Our passage gives seven elements of repentance as seen in the church at Corinth.

Can Right Things Be Wrong?

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Malachi was a zealous prophet who desired true worship and relationship with God. The Jews of his day had reverence toward the things of God, but not adoration, obedience, or priorty in their practice of reverence. They went through the motions but had little real committment. They honored God but not with their hearts. They gave but not as they should. True devotion is difficult and challenging but rewarding for Believers.

Believers Who Never Give Up

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description: Believers who never give up connect strongly with the local church. They know what the church is and is not. They now the purpose of the church.They know the church is the Bride of Christ and that they cannot love the groom without also loving the church. They know they cannot settle for mediocrity but must commit to her success. They know they must never face the challenges of life alone for God is near; that He places brothers and sisters in our path to strengthen, support, teach, adn mentor us. Believers who never give up do not forsake the church but hold her near, dear, and sacred.

POINTED QUESTIONS: Will God Take Care of Me?

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Observations from the life of Gideon show that on the same day he was introduced to the Lord he was enlisted to serve. One can never be "too young" in the faith to serve! He heard and obeyed with immediacy eventho he had fears, inexperience, and questions. Nonetheless, God demonstrated His faithfulness. Is so doing God showed that He always protects, empowers, and covers His servants.

POINTED QUESTIONS: Does God Really Know What He is Doing?

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Gideon received a direct word from the Lord. But because Gideon's faith was not what it should heve been God's word was received with question rather than faith. Do you live in a God-centric life? Do you believe God knows exactly what He is doing? We, like Gideon, are incapable of obedience until we come to grips with our doubts.

POINTED QUESTIONS: Does God Really Care?

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Gideon was challenged by a direct word from God. But from Gideon's position in life he wondered if God even cared about him or his people. We find within these few verses that God cares as He has demonstrated repeatedly in His loving actions toward His people.

God's Faithfulness Toward Us

Rev. Alvin Waller, Pastor Emeritus


Description:Pastor Alvin Waller retired as Pastor of FBC Pearl River in 2012 after 40 years of faithful service. He remains a faithful member, supporter, and servant of his Lord and of this church where he teaches a men's Sunday School class, is a prayer warrior, and interacts with this community as a trusted friend, faithful servant, and beloved confidant. We are blessed by his longevity and to have him as a colleague in ministry!


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:A nameless woman from Mark 5 teaches us that our faith encounters with Jesus cannot remain secret for He calls us out to declare our need and to affirm our faith in Him.


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Jacob's encounter with God shows that it is possible to fight with God and win!


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:There comes a time in the life of every Believer when he or she will muster the spiritual strength to stand alone and do the will of God. We might expect to find this truth in Elijah, that mighty prophet of God. But Elijah is more like us than we may think because he too had feet of clay and had to learn to depend upon God.


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Genesis 22 involves the unthinkable... a request from God that would cause any father to question His goodness. But through the process Abraham learned so much about God. He came to understand that dads must be tested, must do hard things, must act with immediacy, and must depend upon God... AND that God never fails!


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:This passage with Moses shows us that God always takes the initiative in every encounter with man, choosing the what, when, where, why, and how. We also see that it is incumbent upon man to respond to God's encounter. And perhaps most importantly, we explore what it is that made Moses worthy of this encounter with God.


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The first encounter man had with God was at creation. That encounter tells us all we need to know about God, all we need to know about man, and all we need to know for successful living. Three keys stand out in this initial encounter with God... God FORMED, God BREATHED, and man BECAME!

What Do These Stones Mean?

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:What is more fitting on Memorial Day than to explore a passage in which God told His people to remember! They were to build a memorial of stones for three purposes... So they themselves would remember... So their children would remember... And so the Nations would come to know the God of Israel!

God Hears

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Hannah was a special servant of the Lord. She had a perplexing problem of childlessness. She began to share with the Lord, EL SHAMA, the God who hears. God heard Hannah's pain. God heard her plea. God heard her promise. God heard her praise. We serve a God who hears and is prepared to act on our behalf and to walk us through the pain of life if we will but seek Him.

MOTHERS: God's First Gift to Us

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:This passage introduces us to a Gentile woman who seeks out Jesus while He is in a Gentile territory. She comes to Jesus with a particular need... spiritual healing for her daughter. We discover in these verses three characteristics of devoted mothers... Love, faith, and persistence. However, this mom is, above all, a seeker.

Six Signs of Devotion to God

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The Book of Jonah offers a brilliant mirror through which we can test our personal obedience to God's will. We will not see God's great movement among us until we allow His great movement in us. In the first few verses of Jonah we find several indicators that test our devotion to God.

How You Can Be a Great Neighbor

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Luke 10 offers a three-pronged job description which challenges evey Believer. Today's message declares that those who inherit the Kingdom of God must care about both God and man. Two questions exist... HOW to be a good neighbors and WHO is my neighbor.

What is Today's Believer to Do?

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Luke 10 provides a three-fold job description for those who are disciples of Jesus Christ. The first, is that we are to function as Ambassadors. This message focuses on the whos and whats of being an Ambassador and describes the challenges faced by Ambassadors for Christ.

Five Steps Toward Revival

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Among the many things found in the Letters to the Seven Churches of the Revelation are steps to revival. Jesus loves His church and wants His best for her. We should not think it odd when He finds problems in His church for all churches have problems. Even so, our loving Lord calls attention to areas of concern and invites us to take steps toward renewal.

Three Reasons We Need Revival Today

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:To the world, revival may seem to be an old-fashioned fix for an irrelevant problem. But for anyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ we all know how our spiritual condition may wax and wain over time. It is a reminder that renewal is needed when our spiritualilty grows cold; When our ture heart is exposed; and When we find ourselves living in an ever-worsening world.

BIG IFs of 2017: "If My People..."

Dr. Tobry Pitman, Pastor


Description:Revival is both a blessing and a burden. The blessing of revival is clearly understood in that anytime we draw closer to God it is a blessing. However, scripture indicates that revival is also a burden in which we bear a good deal of personal responsibility for our spiritual condition... and whether or not God will bring His blessing upon His people. The passage today invites us to take certain actions in our own lives which invite His blessing and renewal.

BIG IFs of 2017: "If I Be Lifted Up..."

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Who is this Jesus of John 12:32? He is the REAL Jesus- the Jesus of history. He is the CRUCIFIED Jesus- the One who gave His own life as a ransom for all. He is the magnetic Jesus for only an attractive Jesus can draw people unto Himself. It is the welcoming Jesus- He who invites all people unto Himself for salvation today.

BIG IFs of 2017: "If Thou art the Son of God..."

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Jesus went from the blessed, high-holy experience of His Jordan River baptism to the wilderness for a forty-day period of testing by Satan. Jesus was not tested to see IF He would fail but to prove that He would NOT. Three kinds of temptations came His way: 1. Satan tempted Jesus to prioritize the desires of the flesh (1-4), 2. Satan tempted Jesus to tests the promises of God (5-7), 3. Satan tempted Jesus with a shortcut to God's will (8-11). Jesus, tempted as a man, used the very same resources that each of us have: The power of the Holy Spirit (4:1); The power of God's Word (It is written); The power of God living within Him (Joh14:30); The power of His own will (Heb10:9).

BIG IFs of 2017: "If Only Thou Hadst Been Here..."

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:What can Jesus do in the midst of your biggest trial? Martha believed Jesus to be the Son of God. In that belief she found the toe-hold of faith she needed. She knew He could do something. She just didnt know what He would do. Jesus not only showed up but He spoke hope into the hopeless Martha and life into the lifeless Lazarus.

BIG IFs of 2017: "If I Confess..."

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:One of the greatest promises in all of scripture has to do with how each one of us can maintain a "clean slate" with God regarding our sins. John explains how the cleansing takes place as well as why the cleasing takes place.

What Took Place in the Upper Room?

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Five truths stand out regarding events that took place in the Upper Room that remind us that the ordinance is a serious matter and must not be taken lightly or without due consideration.

The Journey of the Shepherds

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:On the night of the Nativity, so many years ago, an ancient promise was fulfilled. The good news was delivered to a group of nobodies- sheep herders. However, they took the announcement seriously and began a journey which led them to faith, worship, and a change in direction.

Gabriel, the Special Messenger of God

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:God sent a most powerful messenger to deliver a most powerful message about a most powerful Messiah.

Jesus is God's Promised Savior

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Simeon was aware of God's promised Messiah and was blessed with long life... another promise from God that He would live long enough to see the Savior. Simeon, upon completion of God's promise to him, was prepared, at peace, and fulfilled.

Good News from the Magi!

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:With great purpose and intentionality Matthew included the amazing passage about the wise men! Why? The answer to that question provides good news for us today. Will we listen, hear, and obey?

The Little Things of Christmas

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:We begin celebrating one of the greatest events in all of history today. God could have chosen any era, venue, or family to welcome the arrival of His only begotten Son. But instead of choosing the most grandeur of palacial possibilites the most humble and simple of hospitalities was chosen. God often used little people, little places, little things, and little tasks to accomplish His greatest works! What good news for a world filled with little people.

Thanksgiving Found

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The Children of Israel teach us so much about thankfulness! They spent 450 years as slaves making bricks for the Egyptian Pharoahs. They groaned under to pressure but their work only intensified. God heard their cry and began a process of deliverance. They came to understand that both slavery and freedom carry a big price and vascillated between thankfulness and ingratitude. God calls us to be a thankful people!

What Daniel Knew About Giving Thanks

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Daniel lived an open lifestyle of praise, honor, and thanks to God. Even when challenged by a new law that prohibited his devotion to any but King Darius, Daniel changed nothing. God protected and promoted Daniel. Our God is faithful even during the greatest challenges of life.


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The letter to the Church at Laodicea could be called the saddest of teh seven letters. What a tragedy the Lord had speakmsuch strong words to His church! This passage is short on commendation but long on opportunity!


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The Church at Philadelphia was a small-town congregation. Indications are that they struggled with weakness and limited resources. Yet, they receive perhaps the highest commendation and praise from the Lord. Here we learn to see from God's perspective, to approve what He approves, and to reject what He rejects.


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Sardis is a city with a glorious past. In Sardis was the fifth among the churches of the Revelation. Commentators used various words to describe this church including asleep, feeble, hollow, washed-up, and degenerate. However most commentators danced around the unflattering word used by Jesus... dead. What is needed to enliven a dead church? Jesus provided the answer in this passage.


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The Church at Thyatira was given glowing compliments and severe criticisms. They tolerated an outbreak of immorality in their midst from which they must repent or perish.


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Some Believers in the church at Pergamos- but not all- perverted moral truth in order to make their lives easier in this wicked city. Christ commended them for maintaining their commitment to Him. Christ called for repentance and promised judgement upon unrepentant Believers.


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:Jesus' message to the church in Smyrna was to a church enduring extreme pressure from competing heathen groups. Jesus' message warned that more difficulty is coming for a season- that it would get worse before it got better. The suffering saints at Smyrna were to take comfort in knowing that nothing ever takes place without Jesus having His hand on the thermostat, His eye on the timer, and His child in His hand.


Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The letter to the church at Ephesus is an ancient message to an ancient people that has a clear relevent application to His church today!

Jesus in the Midst of His Church

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The Book of Revelation begins with Jesus revealing Himself to John the Beloved Apostle. Our first glimpse of Jesus is through the eyes of John who points out several amazing reminders of who Jesus is.

Ambitious Faith

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:The Apostle Peter was a master of mistakes. Even so, Jesus chose Peter to be the leader of the Twelve. Even after his denial at the crucifixion and after the death of Jesus Peter continued as the stand-out leader of the Twelve and in the early church. We should not allow our mistakes to sideline us from service to the Lord. Rather we should allow our mistakes to become teachable moments equipping us for greater service.

Generosity that Matters

Dr. Tobey Pitman


Description:Jesus teaches about generosity by comparing and contrasting the flamboyant and supposedly generous giving of the scribes with the meager, timid gift of a poor widow. He demonstrates that less can be more when it comes from the heart.

What Will You See? Part 2

Dr. Tobey Pitman, Pastor


Description:God's people went through a 40 year period of punishment for their failure to faith God regarding the Promised Land. Deuteronomy 8 takes a backward look- a review- of those years. Here we find a reminder that even in times of "wandering," God remains faithful to His people, providing, protecting, and proofing.